Our Philosophy

Finding infinite value within finite life.
Discovering eternity through timeless art.
At ChinPaoSan, we establish a peaceful harbor for eternal life.

Care for Life

At ChinPaoSan, our care goes 24/7.
During the daytime, the staff members
are always preparing for ceremonies,
serving guests and maintaining the park.
At night, nearly 60 staff members reside
at ChinPaoSan and call it home.
There are no other memorial service providers
in the world who can do what we do.
Every single plant in the park is cared closely.
Every beloved family member is cared wholeheartedly.
ChinPaoSan's mission has never changed.

We respect nature

We respect nature by protecting the land, revering the Heavens and loving its people.
ChinPaoSan is proud of our natural scenery and the preservation of expansive greenery.
Our beautiful landscape signifies our strong and lasting commitment to each client.

We pursue eternity

We pursue eternity by treasuring the spirits in the art
ChinPaoSan has supported artistic creations throughout the years.
Every art piece in the park transcends time and space,
conferring the human spirits that are everlasting and true

International Collaborations

Shinji Kimura, the technical advisor for the Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film "Departures", also "Japan's Number One Nokanshi (ritual mortician)" and AIA Gold Medal winner, has forged wonderful relations with ChinPaoSan. 
Steven Holl, the world-class American architect known as the "Architect Philosopher," has designed The Dawn Arrival Hall and the Oceanic Pavilion for ChinPaoSan, which are destined to become the new international landmarks in Northern Taiwan.