ChinPaoXuan and ChinPaoSan

ChinPaoXuan is the professional funeral service provider of ChinPaoSan Group.
It is dedicated to all hardware/software services between end of life and burial.
When family members experience the deepest sorrow or helplessness, there is no need to feel lost and no need to ask around.
Leave everything to ChinPaoXuan.
The dignity of the deceased shall be preserved in their final journey of life while the sorrow and helplessness of the family members may be reduced to a minimum.

Leader in the Modernization of Taiwan's Funerary Culture

Before the appearance of ChinPaoXuan, Taiwan's funerary culture had been filled with deceit and disputes.
Family members bore the enormous burden of being at a loss and conducting all associated chores without professional guidance.
After years of practice and adjustments, funeral services in Taiwan today are no longer as exhausting as before but have become an event where people often unconsciously go into meditation to heal and recover from their loss.
This is ChinPaoXuan's contribution to funeral services in Taiwan.

First to Achieve ISO 9001 Certification

At a time when Taiwan's service industry was just beginning to take off in 1997, ChinPaoXuan's service quality had already achieved ISO 9001 Certification and the company became the first funeral service team to be approved with zero defects by the International Organization for Standardization.
As ChinPaoXuan explored and learned without any precedents to follow, it established strict standards continuously.
And became the legendary brand emulated by other members of the industry in Taiwan.

Our Philosophy

Regardless of the thousands of times the funeral director has performed each gesture throughout the funeral service, the ceremony remains the most important performance for bereaved family members and friends.
"Put yourself in their position and treat customers like family".
This is our commitment to take care of and respect each departed like one of our own and the core of ChinPaoXuan's philosophy.

Funeral Parlor


Behind the small wooden door meticulously carved by old craftsmen is the temporary home for souls.
The crystalline walkways and columns were designed by artists and serve to purify people's emotions.
It is a different space with a different style and ambiance.
The only thing in common is the scrupulous care with which we guard your beloved family members.

Story of the Funeral Parlor

Many cafés and restaurants are now located at Section 2 of Minquan East Road.
Yet just thirty years ago, it had been a dark street where citizens of Taipei shunned and refused to go near.
The establishment of ChinPaoXuan made it possible to completely alter the appearance of Section 2, Minquan East Road and completely overthrow the impression that funeral parlors in Taiwan should be dark and gloomy.
It also brought a new future to one of Taipei's most exclusive areas.

Most Elegant Funeral Parlor in Taiwan

The brand new ChinPaoXuan Funeral Parlor was completed in 2015 and is located in the building on Section 2 of Minquan East Road.
Take a tour of ChinPaoXuan Funeral Parlor and see how the ascended souls are embodied and cared for in the exquisite and beautiful carvings.

Face Life and Death with an Open Mind

The most difficult thing to accept towards the end of life is not facing the unknown world, but saying goodbye to loved ones.
After you are gone, you are no longer in pain but family members who loved you the most continue to suffer.
Facing your funeral arrangements with an open mind will lessen your family's physical pain and will be your ultimate gesture of true love and compassion.
You are welcome to call ChinPaoXuan, let us share with you how your last journey in life may be envisioned, and how your last goodbyes may be bid in peace and serenity.

Funerary Culture

殯 葬

Funerals refer to rituals for the departed who have been safely placed in coffins.
Burial refers to the act of placing the coffin into the earth to rest.
Funerary culture has undergone centuries of development in Taiwan and the collective consciousness that values careful funerary arrangements and gratitude continues to be at the core of the nation's adherence to funerary customs.
ChinPaoSan Group provides services that combine both funeral and burial. ChinPaoXuan provides funeral arrangements that preserves human dignity while ChinPaoSan lays the departed to rest in the most modern and artistic cemetery so that your beloved family members may complete their final journey flawlessly and enter an equally beautiful world.

The Meaning of Funeral Ceremonies

Funeral ceremonies allow relatives to gradually accept reality.
They allow the next generations to mature and dear friends to bid farewell.
Thus, before the life can be restarted, a touching farewell must be bid and complete the circle of life.

Filial Obligations

Modern people are largely unable to fulfill the full range of their filial obligations in life.
With the assistance of professionals, you will let parents depart with dignity and ease your anxiety in order to lead a good life.
This is the fulfillment of filial piety.


Expressing your sorrow at the right place at the right time is a necessary form of emotional control.
Turning the power of sadness into truth, love and beauty to pass on to the next generation is what it means to mourn.

Funerary Procedures

The Chinese civilization which has evolved over the millennia and the traditions practiced by Han ancestors have collectively encompassed to what is now known today as Taiwan's funerary culture.
Changes in the social environment in recent decades have gradually simplified the complex funerary procedures.

The procedures above may be modified in accordance with customer requirements. If you wish to take advantage of the government's cremation discount initiative on restricted days, cremation may be conducted prior to the funeral ceremony.

Customized Funerals

A bowl of red bean soup reminds one of mother's gentleness.
A gramophone record reminds one of father's stubbornness.
ChinPaoXuan specifically provides customized funerary services to transform each individual's final stage in life into a touching, humorous, and unique event destined to last an eternity.