Exquisitely Designed Columbarium

The columbarium is a sacred place for placing and worshiping the departed. The columbarium pagoda is not only completed with magnificent furnishings, advanced facilities, courteous reception and services, but more importantly it is managed with heartfelt sincerity as we treat the deceased like the family members of our own. Only ChinPaoSan can appease these demands.

ChinPao Pagoda

Sunshine Life Memorial Hall

Thousands Buddhas Pagoda

Dignified Spirit Tablet

People in modern society are engrossed by work and urban life provides very limited space for setting spirit tablets. Indeed, it has become difficult to perform regular worship ceremonies at home. Bring your ancestral tablets to ChinPaoSan. We have designed a series of spiritual tablet services that incorporate all the prerequisites of traditional rituals in a solemn atmosphere. Our service assures you to fulfil filial duty with dignity and convenience.

Daren Pavilion

Area of Divine Light, Sunshine Life Memorial Hall

Memorial Area of the Thousands Buddhas Pagoda Great Hall

Prestige Cemetery

We are entrusted to take care of the beloved member of each family.
At ChinPaoSan, the tombs are laid spaciously on the grass similar to to the putting greens of a golf course, and little egrets would visit and butterflies would flutter...

These are the burial plots at ChinPaoSan.

Standard Family Cremation Plot

Standard Family Coffin Burial Plot

Customized Mausoleums

Preneed Funeral Contract

"Preneed Funeral Contract" refers to the "Lifetime Funeral Service Standard Contract."

ChinPaoSan leads the industry by providing a standardized preneed funeral contract to offer transparency for the contents of the service and prices and to ensure that customers have access to consistent and high quality funeral services.

We help establish independent decisions for funeral arrangements and prepare for a satisfying afterlife in advance.